Videonystagmography (VNG)

What is Videonystagmography (VNG)?


Videonystagmography (VNG) refers to a series of tests, or test battery, that uses small cameras to monitor and record eye movement. Goggles are worn as you are given tasks to complete by moving your eyes to a light or stimuli (think the old school DMV tests).

While wearing the goggles the cameras will assess the movement of your eyes (by looking at the pupil) to determine if there are signs of vestibular dysfunction or neurological problems. The test is typically administered in a dark, cool room.

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What tests are given during a VNG?

  • Optokinetic (OPK) Testing

    • While wearing goggles, the patient will be tasked to follow a light in a series of patterns with their eyes only. It is imperative that the patient does not move their head.
  • Positional Testing

    • With this series of tests, the patient will be instructed to move their head and body into certain positions. These tests help evaluate the health of the semi-circular canals of our inner ear. The semi-circular canals tell us if we are moving up/down, side to side or forward/backward.
  • Caloric Testing

    • Air that is warmer & cooler than body temperature is placed in the ear canal to modulate the temperature of the fluid in the inner ear. This causes a sensation of spinning, which is a normal physiological response for this test. This feeling does not last more than a couple minutes and the effects do not typically linger.

How do I prepare for a VNG?

When your test is scheduled detailed instructions should be given to you by our staff. There is an extensive list of medications that should be halted 24/48 or 72 hrs before testing. There are also restrictions on eating, alcohol and caffeine. Please follow these instructions carefully, this is not one of those times where you can fudge the directions. Wear comfortable clothes, layers are recommended. Ladies, please NO MAKEUP. We will take off all eye makeup as it can impact our results, just come as you are, you are beautiful without the makeup!

VNG Testing Instructions