Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Halo2 made for iPhone Hearing Aids Austin, TX

Starkey Hearing Aids Austin, TX

The Latest in Starkey Hearing Aid Technology:

In holding with the tradition of bringing the latest technology to Central Texas, Hearing & Balance Center of Austin is proud to provide the latest in Starkey hearing aids to the Austin area. Whether it is Halo2 or Muse series a wide variety of models and styles to fit your individual needs and goals. During your consultation your audiologist will help guide you to a solution that best suits your lifestyle. Starkey has the distinction of being the only American hearing aid company.

Made for iPhone Hearing Aid:

Starkey Halo2 Hearing Aid Austin, TX

The Halo2 product is one of three hearing aid models currently available for direct connectivity to your iPhone. The Halo2 interacts with the TruLink app to allow you some adjustability of the hearing aids. With the use of Halo2 you will be able to stream content from up to five Apple devices. Packaged in discreet and comfortable fashion, this hearing aid was made for the active user in mind.


Starkey Muse Technology:

Offering a wide range of styles to address all of your personal listening requriements, the Muse technology is suitable for those who desire seamless integration into their lives. Whether you have tinnitus, mumbling family members or a severe hearing loss, Starkey has you covered. All hearing aids come with wireless capablities for enhanced functionality with the SurfLink and SurfLink Mobile.

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Should you or a loved one wish to explore the possibilities of Starkey hearing technology please contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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