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Phonak Belong rechargeable hearing aids in Austin, TX

Phonak Belong Hearing Aids in Austin, TX:


In holding with the tradition of bringing the latest technology to Central Texas, Hearing & Balance Center of Austin is proud to provide the Phonak Belong family of hearing aids to the Austin area. The Belong platform comes in a wide variety of models and styles to fit your individual needs and goals including rechargability and direct connectivity. During your consultation your audiologist will help guide you to a solution that best suits your lifestyle

Phonak Audeo B Direct Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids, Austin, TX, Phonak Audeo B Direct Android iPhone Hearing Aid


The Phonak Audeo B Direct line of hearing aids by Phonak is a revolutionary step towards direct connectivity for all telephones with Bluetooth 4.2. Utilizing the microphones of the hearing aid, the user is able to function in a truly hands free solution for telephone calls through your amplification device.


Phonak Audeo B-Direct Hearing Aids Austin, TX


Phonak Audeo B-R Hearing Aids

Phonak Audeo B Hearing Aids | Audiologist Austin, TX


The Phonak Audeo B-R is a fully rechargeable solution to your amplification needs. With a 24 hour life per charge there is no need to worry about your hearing aid running out of juice during your day. Ideal for those with dexterity limitations, the Audeo B-R elimiates the stress of changing small hearing aid batteries.


As a brand, Phonak has a reputation for excellence in both the adult and pediatric hearing aid markets. For years, they have set the standard for speech intelligbility in noise. With the launch of the Belong platform Phonak has really stepped up their game. 



Improvements on Hearing Aid functionality include:

Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories Austin, TX

  • Improved wind management solutions
  • Improved speech in noise processing with SoundBlend
  • Incorporation of tinnitus therapy solution within the family line
  • Improved microphone sensitivity
  • Sound Recover 2
  • Echo Block Technology
  • Phonak App for Remote Control Functionality

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Phonak Pediatric Hearing Aids:

Sky V: Because Your Child is not a Little Adult

Amplifying a child with hearing loss is entirely different than an adult. Hearing & Balance Center of Austin understands this, and is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of pediatric hearing solutions.  Phonak has long been the "gold standard" in pediatric hearing aids. The Phonak Sky V integrates product versatility with the needs of your child. All hearing aids come with an integrated T-Coil, wireless connectivity capabilities, a complimentary pediatric kit and come in an array of colors that put the FUN in hearing aids.

Phonak Sky Q Pediatric Hearing Aids Austin, TX | Pediatric Audiologist

Should you or a loved one wish to explore the possibilities of Phonak hearing technology please contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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