Pediatric Hearing Aids

Pediatric Hearing Aids: Because Your Child is not a Little Adult

Amplifying a child with hearing loss is entirely different than an adult. Hearing & Balance Center of Austin understands this, and is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of pediatric hearing solutions.


 Phonak Sky BAustin, TX Phonak Sky B-PR Pediatric Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Phonak has long been the "gold standard" in pediatric hearing aids. The Phonak Sky B integrates product versatility with the needs of your child. All hearing aids come with an integrated T-Coil, wireless connectivity capabilities, a complimentary pediatric kit and come in an array of colors that put the FUN in hearing aids. New with the Belong platform, rechargeable options are now available for pediatric patients. 

Phonak Sky B Pediatric Hearing Aids Austin, TX | Pediatric Audiologist


Oticon Sensei

Oticon Sensei Pediatric Hearing Aids, Austin, TX

The Sensei family delivers premium technology especially designed for children, combining  innovative audiological features with robust design.

Sensei offers Speech Guard E that preserves the details of speech using 2 compression strategies for a natural and full sound experience. Sensei SP also offers Speech Rescue, our innovative approach to frequency lowering. Sensei features SmartFit™ Trainer helping to assure parents the child’s ear molds are inserted properly. EasyRECD™ measures the RECD efficiently in the Genie software. VoicePriority i™ is an adaptive feature in that adds extra FM gain if the classroom noise increases around the student. 

With the addition of Sensei Super Power (SP), Sensei is now available in three models and 2 price/performance categories - Sensei Pro and Sensei. Each performance category offers a 312 BTE and  13 BTE model with Corda miniFit options as well as a 312 RITE model,  and the SP BTE with 13 battery; all with many fun color choices.

Sensei Hearing Aid Colors, Austin, TX Oticon Pediatric Audiologist


Widex Baby


WIDEX BABY is the only hearing aid designed specifically for babies.

Widex Baby Hearing Aids, Austin, TX Pediatric Audiologist


It is incredibly small and comfortable to wear so that your baby will hardly notice it. It is also light-weight so babies can wear it for longer periods of time and it is designed with heavy materials for heavy use. With a built in indicator light, parents are able to know when the hearing aid is on and functioning properly, alleviating some of the worry associated with newborn hearing loss.

And of course it features all of the latest Widex sound technology so you baby can get the best natural sound. With an increased dynamic range, the BABY hearing aid allows for the microphones to pick up softer sounds, giving a larger auditory range to the world around your child. This is very important as babies hear sounds - particularly their parents' voices - from the moment they are born. WIDEX BABY gives them access to as many sounds as possible.

Widex Baby Hearing Aids, Austin, TX


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