Oticon OPN Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn made for iPhone Hearing Aids Austin, TX

Oticon OPN Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

In holding with the tradition of bringing the latest technology to Central Texas, Hearing & Balance Center of Austin is proud to provide the latest in Oticon hearing aids to the Austin area. Within the Oticon family a wide variety of models and styles to fit your individual needs and goals. During your consultation your audiologist will help guide you to a solution that best suits your lifestyle. 

Oticon was started with a unique story. Over 100 years ago Hans Demant started the company in search of a solution for his wife, who had hearing loss. Founded from the roots of a love story, Oticon takes its motto People First very seriously. Unlike other large companies that base decisions on the benefit of stock holdes and Board of Directors, Oticon as a company answers to the Oticon Foundation. Why is this important? The impact of technology on the quality of life for you the patient is at the forefront of their innovative process.

Features of Oticon Hearing Aids:

Austin, TX Oticon OPN Hearing Aids At Hearing & Balance Center of Austin you will find the latest in wireless technology from Oticon. Like other companies, Oticon features both an adult line as well as solutions for pediatrics. The new BrainHearing™ technology offers the following:

  • Speech Guard E Captures and preserves the unique characteristics of speech
  • Spatial Sound Helps both ears work together with the brain in real time
  • Free Focus Prioritizes speech over background noise through varying degrees of directionality
  • YouMatic Uses personal profiles to determine how much help the patient needs from the hearing instrument

Should you or a loved one wish to explore the possibilities of Oticon hearing technology please contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Oticon Opn

Listen to multiple speakers in noisy environments. Focus on what’s important to you and switch attention if you want to. Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress all others. Oticon Opn™ is so fast it can give you access to multiple speakers around you that you want to listen to and reduce noise at the same time.


Oticon Hearing Aids Austin, TX

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