Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repairs in Austin, TX


Yes, hearing aids do break from time to time. They are tiny computers that are constantly running and live in a truly inhospitable environment of ear wax, hairspray, sweat, snot, fingerpaint, saliva, make-up and from time to time pool water, rain and shampoo. When you factor all of Austin, TX Hearing Aid Repair, Audiologist, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leanderthat in, it is actually amazing that they survive as well as they do!

Whether you are an existing patient or looking for a provider, the Audiology Department at The Hearing & Balance Center of Austin is available for hearing aid repairs. Many small repairs can be made within our office, while others require the hearing aid to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. In office repairs will be charged a repair fee. If the hearing aid is out of warranty and sent to the manufacturer there will be a nominal fee. Depending on the manufacturer, the hearing aid may come back with a 6-12 month warranty.