Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection for Adults and Pediatrics


Hearing & Balance Center of Austin offers custom-fit hearing protection devices to those in the greater Austin area in a wide variety of styles and colors appropriate to any application, from work to play for both pediatrics and adults. 

We also specialize in musician earplugs and musician monitors to help musicians hear more accurately.  Our custom devices provide hours of clear, crisp, fatigue-free listening. Because your ears are unique, just like your fingerprints, only custom-made hearing protection can provide great fit, superior comfort and repeatable effectiveness. The type of hearing protection suitable for your needs will take into account your goals as well as any existing hearing loss or tinnitus. It is important to communicate with your audiologist about your needs. 


Hearing loss is a function of exposure time, the average sounds level and the peak level of loud sounds.  Some people are more susceptible to hearing loss from high-level sounds than others. People exposed to 90-120 dB sound levels for various time periods and who need to hear accurately are prime candidates for custom hearing protection. Construction workers, emergency responders, hunters, dental hygenists, motorcycle riders, musicians, sound crews, recording engineers, DJ's, nightclub employees and other music industry professionals are frequently exposed to these sound levels. Those in the music industry, including concert goers will also benefit from hearing protection devices.

Our most popular hearing protection devices include:


Custom Ear Plugs Austin, TXMaximum attenuation (noise reduction) for high-noise industrial and recreational environments. These are an option if you are looking for protection while hunting, operating heavy machinery or motorcycle/ATV use.


Allows face-to-face communication and situational awareness for mild to moderate noise situations. Suitable for industry and motor sports.


Custom Musicians/Concert Plugs Austin, TXIdeal for performing musicians and concert goers; also popular with music teachers, dentists, dental hygenists, flight attendants and anyone who needs to hear accurately in high-noise environments.


Custom Swimmer's Plugs Austin, TXWhile designed for swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal, they also provide superb all-around noise reduction and they FLOAT! Can be ordered with or without removal handles.


Custom Sleep Plugs Austin, TXDesigned to promote comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. These are soft and unobtrusive, even for side-sleepers. Suitable for shift workers and has helped many a marriage!

Musician Earplugs

Custom Muscians Earplugs Austin, TXOur Musician Earplugs areextremely low-profile and designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music.  Other earplugs, particularly foam, muffle sounds so music and speech are not heard distictly. Musician Earplugs are made from custom ear impressions and tested to ensure that sound heard with them is accurate and true - the definition of high fidelity.  By replicating the natural response of the ear canal, the quality of music and speech reproduced through these earplugs sounds as it would if you were not wearing a hearing protection device, put at a lower (safer) volume.

Musician Monitors

Musician's Monitors Austin, TXFor many years, in-ear musician monitors have been reserved for high profile musicians, rock stars and those with significant disposable incomes. Today they are also utilized as replacements for general earbuds and headphones. They not only allow you to hear with clarity and crispness, but when used properly, will help protect your priceless hearing. Available with 1 to 6 acoustic drivers, there is a solution for your inner audiophile!

Electronic Shooter's Plugs

Defend Ear Digital Hunters/Shooters Plugs Austin, TXIf you are an avid hunter or sport shooter, noise-induced hearing loss is not only a consideration but a reality of the sport. A single shot from a gun (yes, even a .22) causes permanent damage that will not only lead to hearing loss but can also be associated with tinnitus. Recently electronic noise suppresion technology has become available in custom hearing protection for this unique population. 

At Hearing & Balance Center of Austin, we make it possible for everyone to to experience the advantages of in-ear musician monitors at an affordable price. The same unbundled, no-hassle pricing that we have with hearing aids applies for all custom protection.   

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