October is National Audiology Awareness Month


Approximately 37.5 million Americans Suffer from Hearing Loss1

This number affects individuals of all ages, from birth through the elderly.  Untreated hearing loss not only affects your ability to hear sounds and understand speech, but can significantly impact the brain’s ability to process information and have a negative effect on your social and emotional health.National Audiology Awareness Month is October Austin,TX


Signs you may be experiencing hearing loss include but are not limited to:



  • Often asking for repetition or clarification of what someone has said

  • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments

  • Inability to hear speech clearly when the speaker is not directly facing you

  • Relying on visual cues and context cues to follow conversation

  • Close family or friends comment on inappropriate conversational input or often needing to repeat themselves




An audiologist is the primary doctorate-level professional to evaluate, diagnose, and manage both hearing loss and balance disorders.  He or she has the education to provide full diagnostic testing, counseling, and management options for varying types and degrees of hearing loss.  Dr. Paige Peterson and Dr. Sabrina Marciante at The Hearing and Balance Center of Austin are doctorate level audiologists that work with adults and children of all ages.  If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the above, or feel as though your hearing acuity is not as sharp as it once was, please contact our office for an evaluation.


[1] Blackwell DL, Lucas JW, Clarke TC. Summary health statistics for U.S. adults: National health interview survey, 2012 (PDF). National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat 10(260). 2014.