National Protect Your Hearing Month

National Protect Your Hearing Month

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, Austin, TX Audiologist

October is a popular month.  Not only is it National Audiology Awareness Month, but is also National Protect Your Hearing Month!  Hearing loss can affect any individual at any age and stem from varying causes.  One cause that is preventable is noise-induced hearing loss.


Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is permanent and irreversible, and is the cause of hearing loss in 1 of 3 individuals suffering from a hearing impairment.  Excessively loud noise can cause damage to our inner ear sensory cells and result in this type of hearing loss.  Even sounds as loud as a hairdryer or blender are loud enough to cause this cell damage.  We live in a noisy world, experiencing dangerously loud sounds daily from traffic noises to emergency sirens to sporting events.  We must take responsibility for our hearing health into our own hands and protect our ears from dangerously loud sounds.  


Ways to protect your ears and hearing include:

  • Wearing hearing protection when exposed to loud sounds for extended periods of time.

    • This includes mowing the lawn, attending concerts and sporting events, shooting guns at a range or hunting, watching fireworks, etc.

  • Walking away from the noise source i.e. speakers at a concert.

  • Maintaining safe listening levels for music and television.  Turn down the volume on iPhones, iPods, and TVs.


Audiologists can assist you with selecting and creating/ordering appropriate custom hearing protection devices for your specific needs.  Don’t become a statistic-protect your hearing now!

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