May Is Better Hearing Month

May is Better Hearing Month!


While we can’t make our hearing “better,” we can better protect ourselves from dangerous noise levels we experience daily.  We don’t think of our hair dryer or blender as being causes of noise-induced hearing loss or tinnitus (that dreaded sound in your ears), but they absolutely can be.


Noise-induced hearing loss can occur if you’re exposed to sounds over the level of 85dB HL for an extended period of time.  Let’s see how some common sounds stack up:


60 dB—Normal conversations or dishwashers

80 dB—Alarm clocks

90 dB—Hair dryers, blenders, and lawnmowers

100 dB—MP3 players at full volume

110 dB—Concerts, car racing, and sporting events

120 dB—Jet planes at take off

130 dB—Ambulances and fire engine sirens

140 dB—Gun shots, fireworks, and custom car stereos at full volume


You can see how we are exposed to a variety of dangerously loud sounds daily without even thinking about it.  Let’s keep those iPhone and MP3 players on low, and keep our hearing health up!


*Data provided by the American Academy of Audiology






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