The GN ReSound LiNX 2 Review
By Audiology Staff
April 12, 2017

GN ReSound Linx2 Haring Aid Review:


    GN ReSound launched their MFiPhone product in February 2014 and began paving the way for other manufacturers to get on board to offer this compatibility.  MFI compatibility is available in all levels of the LiNX2, so it is accessible to those unable to afford GN ReSound made for iPhone Hearing aid Apple Watch Austin, TX Audiologistpremium level technology.  Money ain’t no thang here for that feature!

             One of the best things about the LiNX2 is that the tinnitus sound generator doesn’t disappear with the addition of MFI capabilities.  This means that you can utilize a variety of maskers for tinnitus and still have the ability to stream directly to your phone.  ReSound also offers a customizable tinnitus streaming program through their tinnitus application.This is not possible in all MFI hearing aids from other manufacturers (at time of this blog going live).  Additionally, you can ALSO have T-coil compatibility-you just need the larger model size of the RIC (receiver-in-canal).  The difference in size is minimal, and worth it if you just can’t let go of that T-coil option.  I personally don’t think either model of the LiNX2 RIC is entirely sleek and up-to-date looking, but that’s my opinion.

            The GN ReSound app is pretty user friendly.  Hearing aids can be adjusted individually as needed per environment (meaning youGn ReSound LiNX 2 made for iPhone hearing aid Austin, TX can turn the volume to your left hearing aid down while increasing the volume in the right if you are driving and want to hear your passenger better… kind of cool, right?!), and the iPhone can even be used as a microphone that streams directly to the hearing aids.  The app has the ability to give a wearer LiNX a LOT of options for adjusting settings though, so keep this in mind if you as a provider do not want a patient monkeying with all your hard work!  As a user, you’ll love it if you’re tech savvy, and hate it if technology makes you cringe.  Also-just like the previously reviewed Oticon OPN, any updates to hearing aid firmware will need to be pushed through in office and cannot be done directly through the app.

            In terms of streaming, patient feedback has been mixed.  I have had many patients report excellent sound quality for phone calls, and less-than-stellar quality for music.  Depending on what you will be primarily streaming, this may be a turn-off. It is also worth noting that at the time of publishing Dr. Peterson currently uses the LiNX platform for her tinnitus and hearing loss.

            As always, hearing aids should NOT be chosen based on direct-to-iPhone compatibility.  GN ReSound has a very distinct algorithm for processing sound that may or may not work for your brain.  The ultimate goal in selecting amplification is to allow access to speech with ease in a variety of environments-not stream the latest Ed Sheeran hit without interruption (although, a major plus).



GN ReSound Linx2 Hearing Aid Pros:  Available in multiple technology levels, able to utilize tinnitus masking, t-coil compatibility available.

GN ReSound Linx2 Hearing Aid Cons:  mixed reports on streaming quality, in-office visits for firmware upgrades, larger RIC model is significantly less sleek than other MFI options.


The ability to maintain tinnitus masking and T-coil functionality give the LiNX2 a step up.  However, if exceptional streaming quality is your primary concern when investing in a MFI product, this would not be my go-to recommendation.  I give the GN ReSound LiNX2 3 out of 5 ears.GN ReSound LiNX Made for iPhone Review






**Disclaimer:  there are other hearing aids on the market that will also connect directly to an Apple device.  However, our clinic fits the newest platform of chip from the six major manufacturers, and we do not make it practice to provide technology that is rebranded, outdated, or defeatured.





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