Signia Nx Hearing Aid Review


An Honest Review of the Signia Nx Hearing Aid: Is it Worth the Hype?


Please welcome to the direct streaming stage:  Signia (Siemens) Hearing Aids Austin


Signia released their newest chip in October 2017 in a variety of styles including three receiver-in-the-ear sizes (Pure 10, Pure 312, and Pure 13), a rechargeable option (Pure Charge&Go), and a behind-the-ear option (Motion 13).  A step up from the Primax platform, these options on the new Nx platform allow for direct streaming from any Apple smartphone for phone calls and music (and the sound signal goes to both ears simultaneously, don’t worry *cough*) in a variety of options other than the size 13 battery. Patient reports indicate the quality of streaming audio is clear and natural-sounding.  I would anticipate this as they are late to the game in terms of direct streaming, but it’s important to hear that confirmed from wearers. Now that all six major manufacturers are in the direct streaming game in some way, we need to see why else the Nx stands out.


The direct streaming capability of the Nx is by far one of the least interesting new features from Signia.  With this new platform comes the introduction of “Own Voice Processing” or OVP. According to the feature overview provided by Signia, OVP utilizes “real-time recognition of the wearer’s voice to deliver a natural own voice impression.”  This allows proper amplification of the voices you want to hear without over-amplification of the wearer’s own voice. Having seen OVP in action with patient reports of noticeable differences between settings, I am highly impressed with this feature solely dedicated to addressing one of the most common patient concerns.


TeleAudiology Austin, TX Signia

One feature Signia has continued with in the Nx is the ability to remotely program hearing aids without the need for a patient to be physically seen in clinic.  Starting as TeleCare 2.0 in the Pure 13 BT on the Primax platform, TeleCare 3.0 can be enabled on any Nx device to allow your hearing healthcare specialist to provide complete live remote adjustments for quick, efficient troubleshooting.  This also allows audiologists across the country the opportunity to reach hearing aid users living in remote areas-a win for hearing healthcare all around.


Signia NX Charge&Go Hearing Aid Review Austin, TXSignia can also brag about their rechargeable option on the Nx platform:  the Pure Charge&Go. Unlike several other manufacturers that require the purchase of alternate battery doors and rechargeable batteries to retrofit their current MFi hearing aids, Signia can brag about their integrated wireless inductive charging system.  This means exact placement of the aids on the charger is not required and there are no electronic contacts to maintain. Even the charger for the aids is sleek and non-obtrusive. Charge&Go hearing aids should reportedly have a daily runtime of 19 hours without streaming, and 17 hours with 5 hours of direct Bluetooth streaming.  While a full charge doesn’t last a full 24 hours, it certainly covers the daily wear time of an average hearing aid user (16 hours).


They didn’t stop at an integrated rechargeable option.  The very first CROS device to provide direct streaming is the Signia CROS Pure 312 Nx.  The CROS is compatible with any Nx device except the Pure 10 (yes, this includes the Charge&Go).  There is literally an option on this line for almost anyone.


Now that I’ve hyped up the Signia Nx, I have to keep it real.  There is a significant drawback to the receiver-in-the-ear styles:  no T-coil. There is an option to change the standard battery door on the behind-the-ear Motion to one with an integrated T-coil, but this does not come standard.  It is not an option for any other Nx style.


Overall, I am thoroughly impressed so far by Signia and their new Nx line.  I can’t give it a perfect score due to the absent T-coil in the R-I-C models, but the Charge&Go model, a direct streaming CROS, and OVP and TeleCare in every style make this a new go-to MFiPhone option.  4.5 out of 5 ears!


4.5/5 Ear Review Signia Nx Hearing Aid Austin, TX



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