Balance Therapy Options

What is Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)?


"Vestibular Rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a form of physical therapy that uses specialized exercises that result in gaze and gait stabilization. With targeted physical therapy programs designed for each individual patient, anyone with dizziness or disequilibrium can be successful with this therapy. Our physical therapists strive to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo, prevent falls and improve overal confidence in gait and mobility to promote overall independence."

- Paige Peterson, AuD, PhD 

At the Hearing and Balance Center of Austin and Fyzical Austin, we diagnose and treat many disordersAustin,TX Vestibular/Balance Therapy (VRT) Physical Therapist that can affect the vestibular system including:


There are many systems within our body that help contribute to our sense of balance.

  • Visual System

  • Somatosensory

  • Inner Ear 

  • Central Nervious System

If any one of these is not functioning at an optimal level, we can feel imbalanced or dizzy. Our diagnostic clinic will assess each of these to determine if one or more systems is affected. 

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