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The Hearing & Balance Center of Austin provides comprehensive diagnostic hearing and vestibular testing for the residents of Austin, TX and the surrounding communities on a daily basis. If during your visit it is determined that the use of custom hearing protection, hearing aids or tinnitus solutions are needed, we will make every effort to educate and provide you with the tools that you will need to be successful.

For your convenience we offer advanced hearing loss and tinnitus solutions from Phonak, Signia, Starkey, Oticon, GN ReSound and Widex for both adult and pediatric patients. At Hearing & Balance Center of Austin, our hearing aid pricing is upfront, transparent and uncomplicated. As we see it, our job is to make sure that you are able to hear to your fullest potential, without gimmicks or price inflation. 

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Hearing Loss Treatment in Austin

While there are only a few types of hearing loss, the exact combination, origin and possible damage pattern is unique to every individual. Hearing loss is not a one-size fits all scenario, and should never be treated that way. Our audiology staff understands that, and will always endeavor to find the solution that is the best for your unique situation.

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Hearing Aids

Contrary to popular belief, hearing aids are rather complicated and take quite a bit of expertise to fit correctly. At Hearing & Balance Center of Austin we offer a wide variety of hearing aids to ensure that we find the right fit for your individual needs. If your needs include remote controls, hearing aid charging stations, hands free capabilities, FM or television transmitters those can also be discussed.


Do you hear a ringing, roaring, clicking, or hissing sound in your ears? Do you hear this sound often or all the time? Does the sound keep you awake at night? If you answer yes to these questions, you may have tinnitus (tin-NY-tus).

Tinnitus is a symptom associated with many forms of hearing loss. It can also be a symptom of other health problems. Roughly 25 million Americans have experienced tinnitus. Some cases are so severe that it interferes with their daily activities. People with severe cases of tinnitus may find it difficult to hear, work, or even sleep.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection and In Ear Monitors Austin, TXFor those who prefer a custom solution to hearing protection, we offer a variety of styles dependent on your individual needs.

In Ear Monitors

Did you know that you don't need to turn the volume up as loud when you have good fitting headphones? Custom inserts can be made for your existing headphones; however, if you desire higher fidelity, custom in-ear monitors can be created with one, two, three and five drivers.


Hearing loss in children is no laughing matter. A child's language development and educational performance are directly linked to how well they are able to hear. 

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Available on-site testing includes:

  • Newborn Hearing Testing
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)
  • Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA)
  • Otacoustic Emmission (OAE)
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR/BAER)
  • Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)
  • Real-Ear Hearing Aid Verification

Balance/Vertigo Testing

There are many things that can cause us to feel imbalance or the sense of "dizziness." It is estimated that over the course of your lifetime, 10% of your visits to a doctor will be because you feel dizzy. There are many factors and possible causes to this feeling. For your convienience we offer the following in-house evauations:

  • Videonystagmography(VNG)
  • Electronystagmography (ENG) 
  • Bithermal Calorics (Air)
  • Electrocochleography (ECochG)
  • Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT)
  • Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP)

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